Chico was a one eyed bandy legged Jack Russell who we rescued at a day old after a rough start in life. We hand reared him and he and I became inseparable. For 14 years he was a big part of our family but he aged very quickly in the end, unable to walk. I couldn’t bare to say goodbye but for Chico’s sake we had to. It wasn’t an option I could bare to take him to the surgery to put him to sleep so once again we called on Stephanie to do it at home. Due to Covid only my wife and I could be there but we were able to spend time with him before hand and were able to hold him leaving this world as we did when he came into it in a home he loved without stressing him out taking him to a strange place with surroundings he didn’t know. It was a peaceful end the last and kindest thing we could do for him. Thank you Stephanie, you have the most caring nature that put us at ease.