Quality of Life


Quality of life scales can be useful for owners of older or terminally ill animals. We designed the following scale to help you think about your pets quality of life, their overall comfort and happiness. There are no set rules when it comes to assessing quality of life. Use this scale as a starting place to explore your pet’s quality of life. Any concerns should always be discussed with your vet.


Is your pet able to move freely as they always have including up and down stairs?

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Is your pet showing any signs of pain? Pain in pets can be subtle eg reluctance to move around, anxiety, licking, struggling to get up/down, aggression, growling, whimpering, reduced social interaction, changes in behaviour, reduced grooming (cats).

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Is your pet still keen to eat their normal food?

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Water intake

Is your pet drinking water as normal?

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Is your pet bright and alert or do they sleep a lot now?

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Urination & Defaecation

Has your pet any issues with toileting?

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Normal behaviour

Is your pet acting as they always would or do they seem uninterested in things they used to love?


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Please remember this scale is meant only as a tool to help you assess your pet’s quality of life. On our scale, a higher number indicates a better quality of life. Every pet, family and situation are different so if you have any concerns, always contact your vet.

Your pet scored
on our quality of life scale

They probably have a good quality of life however if you have any concerns, please contact your vet or us to discuss.

Your pet’s quality of life may be starting to deteriorate. We recommend calling your vet or ourselves to see if we can suggest anything to help keep your pet feeling their best for longer.

They may have a poor quality of life. We would advise a call with your usual vet or ourselves to discuss.

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